20 On-the-Rise Sunglasses Brands to Know

From classic aviators to '90s shapes.

No matter the season, we’re always looking for new sunglasses to top off our looks. And now that spring is here, that gives us all the more reason to amp up our collections of shades. Although we love our classic designer frames from Celine, Tom Ford, and Ray-Ban, it’s always fun to discover more under-the-radar accessories brands, too—plus, designers that you didn't even know got in on the eyewear game.

Brands like Karen Wazen, Vehla, and Lapima are pushing boundaries (and the status quo) when it comes to accessories—and others like Lexxola are employing all-together-new ways of designing frames before they hit the market. From the cool, new designers taking over Instagram to the smaller labels on the rise, these are the new sunglasses brands to shop this season.

You've surely seen this viral pair of sunglasses all over your Instagram feed—and for good reason. If you're in love with the '70s, pick up a pair come summer.


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