Winter Coat Shopping? Kendall Jenner Has An Idea

With only a few short weeks until peak winter hits, it's safe to say that outerwear might be on your mind. When it comes to coat shopping, there's two camps that you should bear in mind: those who go trend-forward (cue shearling-trimmed coats, boisterous puffers, and leather trenches), and those who keep it timeless. Kendall Jenner just became an honorary member of the latter, and her silhouette of choice is already cropping up to be a fan favorite. Kendall Jenner's camel coat is the anti-trend outerwear style to consider right now, and it's offering a compelling color story to kick off winter with.

On Nov. 29, the 25-year-old was spotted heading up the Met steps in New York City with model friend, Bella Hadid (who, in a rumpled shearling jacket, fell into camp number one). With the help of her renowned celeb stylist, Dani Michelle, Jenner pieced together a smart, sly look that was primed for flying under the radar while exhibit-hopping. Starting at the top, she wore an inky black bucket hat, whose furry finish seemed to signal the start of winter in one fell swoop. Jenner then went with with an ecru-hued roll neck and a pair of black baggy trousers, all cocooned in her ankle-length felt coat. In a classic camel hue, the staple outerwear piece is from Acne Studios, and it's supplanting the boxy fashion trend for those who favor more figure-hugging shapes.

By Danielle Naer

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