Launched in May 2019, VEHLA is the newest brand of luxe high quality eyewear for women. As an Australian born brand, VEHLA encapsulates the culture and lifestyle of Sydney. Each style is inspired by the trends of the fashion forward locals and the iconic beaches that surround Sydney. With an emphasis on fine tuned construction, the Sydney based brand has quickly become recognised globally for their eye catching colour-ways, and season-less metal and acetate pieces. 

VEHLA is proud to be a brand that delivers high quality eyewear created with 100% UV protected lenses and vegan leather packaging. In an effort to lessen our impact on Mother Earth, VEHLA is working toward eliminating the use of all single use plastics from packaging and production processes.

VEHLA’s vibrant collection of shades offers the perfect accessory for every woman’s wardrobe. Modern frames that keep your eyes shielded from harmful UV rays; we’ve got you covered!