Nestled in Tados Santos lies Paradero Hotel, a haven for those craving an escape. Influencer Ximena Moral, took a mini road trip to the hotel for a few days, where the vibe perfectly mirrored her laid-back and minimal style.  Ximena shares her experience with us...

Ximena Moral wearing the Indi in Tort / SmokeMy friend and I went for a couple of days to shoot a campaign but of course we had some moments to relax. We spent most of the time chilling and shooting by the pool, while enjoying some tacos and carajillos.

Food at Paradero hotel

Ximena Moral wearing the Indi - Tort / Smoke
In the morning, we did some yoga. We also had the most delicious chilaquiles for breakfast. Sunsets at Paradero are just stunning. Maybe one of the most beautiful I have ever seen...
Sunset at Paradero Hotel
Ximena Moral wearing the Dixie - Choc Tort / CinnamonVEHLA Dixie Choc Tort / Cinnamon and water bottle
Every single space at the hotel is so peaceful and calm so we chilled a lot at our bedroom. We had a little hammock outside that we enjoyed having a glass of wine on. It was perfect.

View at Paradero hotel