50 Luxury Gifts if You Feel Like Spoiling Someone (Like, Uh, Yourself)

Gift-giving season is officially upon us, which means it’s time to get your shopping strategies in order. While there are plenty of gifts for under $30 out there, you may want to treat some lucky people on your list to something a little ~extra~ special this year. (Or you may want to treat yourself because it’s been a loooong year, and you deserve it!) Either way, sometimes a luxurious gift is the best way to go.

From designer It bags to chic interior accents and cozy loungewear, we scoured the internet for this season’s best luxury gifts—some of which are a little pricey and some of which just *look* pricey (which still counts, tbh!!!). Whether you’re shopping for someone special or buying something for yourself (no judgment here), scroll down to make this holiday season a truly luxe one.

Picture it: These hella chic ’70s-inspired shades paired with an oversize winter coat. There’s a reason this sunglass brand is a favorite amongst A-listers and just about every model off duty—these aviators make the perfect gift for your most stylish friends (and uh, maybe pick up a pair for yourself too).