Just 55 Gift Ideas Your Sister Will Totally L-O-V-E

And the Best Sibling Award goes to….

o one knows your sister(s) as well as you do, but that doesn’t mean you’ve overcome the what do I get her? panic that comes up every birthday, holiday (I fully forget about a lot of 'em, whoops), or special occasion. Just like picking out a present for your mom or your brother, finding something you know your sister will like and doesn’t already own can seem nearly impossible—but it can be done! Trust. Also, raise your hand if you kinda end up defaulting to the same basic gift every year (raises hand). It's time you got your sis something special and something she doesn't fully expect from you, k?

If you need a lil guidance, just peep this list: Try picking items that complement your sister’s unique personality and style, like some cute kitchenware for the gal whose home decor belongs on a Pinterest board, or some playful jewelry for the super-trendy. Or if your sister is really into astrology and consults her horoscope on the daily, you could also go with a zodiac-inspired gift that features her sign. And if you’re really tired of your sister stealing your stuff all the time, just get her her own pair of shoes, earrings, perfume, or whatever she’s constantly taking from your room. (It’s a win-win.)

If you’re still feeling stuck, just keep scrolling for 55 gift ideas for women (and teenage girls if you’ve got a younger sib) that are sure to impress your hard-to-please sis who seems to already have it all. Just remember to actually get something that will arrive on time (dw, we have things on here that have rush shipping), cuz the last thing you need is another argument with your sis!

Trendy sunnies are essential. And this pair will undoubtedly bring flair to any getup, no matter what her style is.